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Human Trafficking


July 30, 2023 to August 14, 2023

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is a global observance held on July 30th each year to raise awareness about the alarming issue of human trafficking. It serves as a reminder to take collective action to prevent this crime, protect victims, and prosecute those responsible.

WOCON is passionate about engaging our communities in campaigns, and initiatives organized often to shed light on the plight of trafficking victims and promote efforts to eradicate this violation of human rights.

Awareness Raising Programme: "Risks of Human Trafficking & Irregular Migration to Europe"

May 2, 2023
WOCON collaborated with Nigeria Women Association Verona Italy and Denny Welfare Hub Lagos, to raise awareness on human trafficking and irregular migration by intercepting groups of parents of adolescents as a safeguarding action to prevent them from becoming victims of human Trafficking and Irregular migration.
The groups included male and female community elders, women groups including market women and  young women who are parents in 'Lafiaji' area of Lagos State.

Nandini Singh is now our United Nations Liaison Officer/ International Youth Advocate & Volunteer for WOCON

November 22, 2021


Graduating in June 2022, Nandini is an amazing senior high school student with a plethora of academic accolades

She holds a deep passion for economics, politics and human rights and her drive is reflected in her leadership within different activities. Nandini is an FXB Climate Advocate and an economic research assistant, researching the monopolization of the healthcare industry during the pandemic.

WOCON visits Falomo Secondary School Ikoyi Lagos for School Based Advocacy as part of the 16days of Activism Against gender based violence's activities

December 8, 2020
WOCON representative discussed and also made presentation and a talk to Falomo Secondary School Ikoyi students and teachers about the various forms of Gender Based Violence, and Sex Trafficking a form of gender based violence which majorly affects women and girls.
Boys are to serve as Change Agents for the elimination of Violence against women and girls.
The Principal, Mrs O. I Onagbola expressed her profund gratitude for such a wonderful time and her school been a benefactor.